The beginning..

The beginning..
All dressed up and no where to go.

Welcome to my world of little furniture designs.

A journey into the OOAK designs for the 1-6 scale fashion diva and collectors. I have always been a crafter and I have used my knowledge of power tools and paint to create eclectic furniture and dioramas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Light comparison.

My adventure in twilight photography did not compare well to the photos taken in natural light. Everything I have read, suggest taking pictures in natural light...I should have listened. Guess I thought I could re-invent the wheel. Like I knew something the "real" photograpers didn't know. I have always loved the serene elegance in a white on white color scheme. It isn't a white out because of the various shades I used and then picked up accents of gold, silver and soft pink. Lets talk about pink. NOT a color I am drawn to. It is a beautiful color, just not my color so when I purchase a pink plastic Barbie item, the first order of business is to paint it. Plastic spray paint can turn a yellowing old pink chair into a real shabby chic find.
See, not bad. I have one more and also the table with the silver "mirror" stuck to the top of it with something that could hold a fighter jet together. Everyone have a peaceful night and a great Tuesday.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

White Christmas

My last photos are shot in low light. A new experiment. I changed my room walls and added a picture window with a snowy view. It was perfect for my "White Christmas" pictures. We rarely have snow on Christmas so this will be my white Christmas. I will take more pics in natural light and post those later in the week. I have met some extrodinary people, blog to blog, and feel like I am not contributing to the conversation until I can post my thoughts and responses. When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I would walk into the woods behind my grandparents house and gather pinecones, sweetgum ball, and China berriers. China Berriers were such a mess to clean, but once the skins were removed, grandma would boil them and lay them on newpaper to dry. We then strung them on fishing line and sprayed them our chosen color of that particular Christmas. We cut pine boughs, holly, and cedar. The pine cones and sweetgum balls were always painted gold and dipped in glitter. My 2 brothers helped us wrap and string the garland together. It was a family event and we all did our part. She loved Christmas and she passed that on to me. Christmas was always about family and good food, friends and games. I try to continue that tradition but life is so hectic now compared to then sometimes I forget how important traditions are. I have sold several item this week and am also building and furnishing a two story Barbie house for a little girls Christmas. When you really think about it, all of us that sell our items for Christmas are taking part in a childs Christmas memories. I kind of like that. Boy, I have been around the world and back in this post. Its been that kind of week (My REAL job is very hectic right enrollment-need I say more. Everyone have a great Monday. Catch you later in blogsphere.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Eclectic Designs in 1/6 Scale: Sunrise

Eclectic Designs in 1/6 Scale: Sunrise: I slept in 3 days in a row. WOW. I never sleep in, even when I am off, I do not sleep late. My internal alarm goes off at 6:30 every m...


I slept in 3 days in a row. WOW. I never sleep in, even when I am off, I do not sleep late. My internal alarm goes off at 6:30 every morning. After 3 large cups of coffee, I was up. I wasn't dressed, but I was up. I set up for my newest pictures yesterday afternoon and all that was left was dressing my dolls. I kept stuffing poor Barb into pencil skirts, jeans, sweaters, boots, heels...nothing really rang my bell. Then, I got it...a robe. Her pink, terry, soft robe. Who could blame her. It was cold here today and why would she need anything but a robe. Ken on the other hand had to work, no robe for him. I decided several weeks ago my next purchase would be a 12" Poppy Parker....NOT! I seriously had no idea clothes are so hard to fit on some fashion dolls. I have 3 go-to girls on Etsy. Their clothes are gorgeous; silk, knit, linen etc. They are wearing the clothes in the fall pictures and they ALWAYS FIT. Some jeans I have purchased are too short in the crotch, some are too long, dresses are too tight in the hips. Some jeans fasten and some don't. I just read a post from a blog friend and I have to agree with her. I am not ready to start over with shoes or clothes. I have now decided my next purchase will be a fashion royalty male doll. Yep, I have a plan. Oh, back to the robe. I am so proud of it. She needed one and I remember my best friends mother sewing one for my friend. It was the 60's. Colors were vibrant and patterns were bold. Her mom used 2 beach towels to make her robe. It all started coming back to me when I pulled out two wash cloths (new--never used). I think the end result is awesome. I seem to keep reaching into my past to create in the present. I like that. Have an amazing week. Talk soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween in 6th scale

Happy halloween! My husband and I have dressed up to hand out candy to trick or treaters for years. Halloween parties are always our favorites. I can just smell the bonfire smoke and hear the crackle of the fire when the kids were roasting hot dogs. hay rides through the woods, Witches grave, I know you had one also. I have been going to witches grave since I was 15 years old. I think my favorite Halloween was the year I dressed in a three piece suit, white shoes, a felt hat, fake mustache and nose. (What a man and boy did I have a hot date with me for the dance) Mike dressed as a woman, blue taffeta drop waist dress, I borrowed from my mom, Pantyhose, flats, wig, and lots of bling. Oh, did I tell you Mike has a beard and mustache. He won first prize and danced with every woman and man there. We had the very best time. I will have to find my pics and post one. We were a striking couple. LOL Before the night was over he had taken his pantyhose off and they were hanging around his neck like a winter scarf. So many good memories. I am very lucky to have married my best friend. He always makes me laugh. Enjoy my Halloween pics. My "real job" is getting quiet stressful, end of month payroll and reports. May not be able to post for a few days. Everyone on the East coast be safe. You are in my prayers.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

AHHHH, at last...cooler weather.

At last, cooler weather in East Texas. Fall is my absolute favorite season. Why wouldn't it be...Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. My newest pics were made in my new "room". If I can draw it, my husband and I can build it. I am beaming, I am so proud of my diorama room. The walls are all interchangeable. The ones pictured are foam core covered in wallpaper. Don't you just love the door. The interior wall can be removed for a larger room. The possibilities are limitless. The room as it is, has a 1920's feel to it but with a switch of the foam core, I can be off in a different direction. I have been going through pics of my dioramas and realized, many of them are like my home. Well, not exactly. My home is traditional--eclectic--but traditional. I do find myself using colors I do not use in my home. I am taking liberties in my doll house that I do not take in my house. The dining room is now my new favorite diorama. A pedestal table and covered chairs with nailhead trim, a fabric runner and place mats in traditional autumn colors, the perfect dining experience. Have a look around in my new "house". I hope you enjoy.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Today, I took the day off.

I made some fantastic scores at the thrift stores yesterday, I will include pics. I am still posting pics on Etsy. After I list, I package so I will be good to go after the sell. I must admit, I have become quiet attached to some of my pieces. I have not yet listed the fireplace, but I will and I am sure the one I have in the making now will then be my favorite. During my last trip to Hobby Lobby, I discovered textured heavy paper. I covered a chair in it and it looks like vinyl or leather. Cannot decide. I remember when I was a child we had a livingroom grouping in orange. Really, we did, and while I probably do not have 10 things in my home in orange, I find I am using orange alot in my designs and dioramas. What could that mean? I guess I probably have some deep seeded thing about orange...I took the day off today and my "girls" are all over my house. Staged here and there. I have already ripped a "fur" hat apart to make a fur rug and a fur collar and hat for one of them. When I started this adventure, I had no idea Barbie butts were different sizes. Jeans that fit one will not fit the other. I powdered one with baby powder to dress her for her photo shoot. Today has been so much fun. I am loving my new hobby and all my new cyber friends. We will talk again tomorrow.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy, busy weekend. My Etsy shop is open, Eclectic "Little" Furniture. I have taken pics, deleted pics, taken more pics and finally got it all together. If only I had tomorrow off, I think I could least everything but the shop banner and I will figure that out. I am really not hip to the whole pixel thing. I just keep reducing and posting and all I get are pics of headless Barbies and tops or bottoms of furniture and accessories. As Miss Scarlett would say, "I will worry about that tomorrow". AND I WILL. I will leave my blog tonight on and extremely positive note: I have met the most gracious and amazing people through blogging and my adventures in 1/6 scale. I am the newby on the sixth scale block. Some of the blogger have been crafting and sharing their adventures and stories for more than 10 years. I am so excited to be a part of this. Good night my friends. Everyone have a wonderful Monday.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eclectic "Little" Furniture Store

Coming soon on ETSY, Eclectic Furniture, my Little Furniture Store featuring my 6th scale designs. I have worked most of the day arranging and re-arranging the furnishings and accessories for my debut. I have sold on Ebay before but I feel very good about my choice of Etsy for the store. Many of the bloggers I follow sell on Etsy and honestly, that many sellers cannot be wrong. I really, really like my little store. I could not photograph everything and believe me I tried. I did not even include any of the bedrooms or the bedding. I probably have 50+ pictures and a small box full of "bottles". I plan to start purchasing E6000 glue by the case and with Holloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I will use every drop of it. Enjoy my new pics.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The STAR bedroom...finally

Finally, I have finished the "Star" of the show bedroom. I assembled all the needed materials and started over a month ago. Today I finished. My real job gets in the way of my little furniture creations. The doll I used in the setting was my first effort at restyling hair. She was a disturbing site when I rescued her from Goodwill. Her hair was curly and matted and oh yes,had the remnants of a sucker stick stuck in it. She was only 50cents and I had been wanting to try my hand at hair what was 50cents? After a good scrubbing, all over and removal of the sucker stick, I went to work. I boiled water in the microwave and dipped her, all of her in the hot water (ouch!). I then poured hot water over her head, relaxing the curls and started to comb. After a trim and a razor cut, I think she looks cute. The cowhide is a poly blend fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I fused 2 pieces together, trimmed it to look like a cowhide and I think it looks good. The furniture pieces are made from lumber scraps. Some pine, some birch etc...but faux finishing made it all look like weathered pine. Be sure and check out my Flickr stream for all the Southwest room pics. I also now have a page on Facebook. I am in my "happy place". Never lose your inner child.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The while fireplace is OOAK. The faux finished marble and grey brick printie make up the heart and firebox. I absolutely love the ceramic statues. The pink and green "easy" chair is wood and is padded with foam and batting. More pics can be seen on Flickr.


Christmas is just around the corner. The pink and green just had to be a Christmas set. The fireplace is OOAK. My miter cuts are really awesome on this piece. Photo is finished to look like oil painting and the clock is a Goodwill purchase.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled fourth of July. Needless to say, this has been a busy summer and until a few weeks ago, I put everything Barbie on the "back burner", but I have really missed the ol' girl and I am back in full swing. Linda ( my friend and co-worker) told me I am a happier person when I create. I guess it is just in my blood. My grandmother was like that. She could do anything. Her flower gardens were masterpieces. Our local newspaper, even before color newspaper print, ran pictures each year of her flower gardens. She had vegetable gardens, fruit trees, canned, painted, sewed and the list goes on and on.  I am very much like her, and I say that with so much pride.   When I am digging in my flowers, using my table saw or my sewing machine, I have to smile when I think of her looking down at me saying , that's my girl. 

Now, I must admit I have a great deal of respect for my table saw...I know what it can do. I have become more comfortable with it under the watchful eye of my husband, Mike. He thinks I don't see him, but I know he watches me when I use it. He has helped me tremendously. The "fireplace" pictured in the Christmas room was all mine. After each cut, I showed Mike my work and patted myself on the back. My brother has been very supportive, also. He hooked me up with my lumber connection.  I have 2 more rooms in the final stages of completion and they should be posted soon until then, I will keep crafting. I am really having fun.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My favorite childhood Christmas

It has been a busy, busy weekend and I am wondering, "Where did the time go?"  I completed my latest creation and I made some great purchases on Etsy and Ebay to use in future projects.  I worked in my flower garden and had good family time. I have decided I am going to try my hand at making Barbie clothes; afterall, my grandmother made most of my Barbie clothes and they were alway unique to my likes. My first Barbie came in the black and white strapless swimsuit. She had black hair pulled up into a pony tail. I can close my eyes and think back to that Christmas and I am certain I can smell the vinyl on my Barbie case. The white canopy bed with the pink ruffled plastic bedding, the white "leather" jacket with the red and black plaid overnighter and black leotards with a blue and white hoodie were goodies from Santa.  I knew then, I would never ever forget that Christmas and I was right...I never have.  As years passed I added more and more to my Barbie collection and then when the time came I handed it all up to my daughters. Such wonderful memories. Have a special week. Never lose your inner child.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a beautiful day in East Texas, cool morning and warm afternoon.  Sorry about the double post beneath the garden room pics.  I told you I am new at this.  I have listed on Ebay and cannot believe I can't check that at work. (Not really).  You will hear a lot about Linda if you follow my blog closely. She is my buddy, shopper, co-worker...sister from another mother.  We hit Hospice again at lunch and I cannot wait to post pics of the miniatures I found today. She cannot get over the following Barbie has. I looked at OSS-One Sixth Sense today. Absolutely amazing. The transformations from the dolls they were to what they become...beautiful work.  Everything is right in the world. Never lose your inner child.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank you, Maddy.

Here I go. My very first blog. Still trying to figure some of this out. Not sure how to post photos yet but I am sure I will get there.  I have an assortment of power tools that I am not afraid of, I can sew, thanks to my Grandmother, Iva.  My Maddy girl's excitement over anything Barbie lit a fire inside me and I  have jumped into that fun world of 1/6 scale with both feet. Why, even my friend and co-worker, Linda is helping me shop for Barbie scale items, after all shopping is half the fun. I hope you have a Hospice shop in your neighborhood. The bargains are great and I always find the cutest treasures there and the money is used in Hospice care. It's a win, win.   Hope to post photos of my finds and creations soon.  Have a good night.