The beginning..

The beginning..
All dressed up and no where to go.

Welcome to my world of little furniture designs.

A journey into the OOAK designs for the 1-6 scale fashion diva and collectors. I have always been a crafter and I have used my knowledge of power tools and paint to create eclectic furniture and dioramas.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finally, spring in East Texas.

I have to admit, I am NOT a winter person and as everyone in East Texas knows, if you don't like the weather today, will probably change tomorrow. That seems to be the case this week, however, today was excellent. I took advantage of the sunny afternoon, went into the yard and took pics of the gazebo my husband, Mike, built. Barefoot and auburn hair slightly blowing in the breeze, my new "girl" made some gorgeous photos. This, by the way, is the FR doll I purchased at a discounted price because her boobs were slightly darker than her arms and legs. REALLY????  I toned down her bright red lips with a light coat of gold and applied the same gold on her auqa shadowed eyelids. I haven't had a chance to stage my new guy dolls and yay, they are articullated.  (Carmen, I will be using the "stiffies" to experiment on swapping joints in the legs and arms.)  I love the tips and help I have always gotten from those in the dolly world.