The beginning..

The beginning..
All dressed up and no where to go.

Welcome to my world of little furniture designs.

A journey into the OOAK designs for the 1-6 scale fashion diva and collectors. I have always been a crafter and I have used my knowledge of power tools and paint to create eclectic furniture and dioramas.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


So, my coastal weekend house is finished, complete with fern, seashells and the wind blowing in my girls hair. She is sitting on the deck outside the bedroom door, looking into space. Is she contemplating the furture, reliving the past or just enjoying the moment,  the sea breeze the smells associated with the coast, the taste of her favorite red wine still fresh on her tongue. My family and I have been escaping to the coast since my oldest daughter, now 43, was in the 7th grade. Twice or more a year we would load the car and make the 4 hour (5 if you count bathroom stops) to Crystal Beach, Texas. As our girls were growing up, boyfriends, then husbands and soon grandchildren were with us. Mike and I would always go and pave the way a few days early. Three days alone. Long Island iced tea, red wine, fresh seafood, ocean fishing, sunning and reading...for THREE WHOLE DAYS.  Then the kids, their families and friends arrived on Friday night and 4 days and nights we did anything we wanted to do...I miss those days. The Friday night everyone arrived we stayed up until sunrise. We sat on the deck, listened to the surf crash, watched the lights in the distance on the shrimping boats and the offshore rigs. We solved many of the worlds problems on that deck.  Crystal Beach was destroyed when Hurricane Ike then Gus hit shore. Only a few housed were left standing, Gilchrist, was completely destroyed. The shore line was altered and will not be rebuilt. The resilient natives of Crystal Beach are slowly rebuilding and I cannot wait to go again. Our 3 level pink (yes pink) house was washed into the Gulf but I still have a million memories and sooooooooo many pictures.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Barbie's beach house

Barbie's Beach houseBarbie's Beach houseBarbie's beach houseBarbies Beach House 001Barbies Beach House 002Barbies Beach House 003
Barbies Beach House 004Barbies Beach House 005Barbies Beach House 006Barbies Beach House 007Barbies Beach House 008Barbies Beach House 009
Barbies Beach House 010Barbies Beach House 011Barbie houses 068Barbie houses 071

Barbie's beach house, a set on Flickr.

These are the pics I promised. I do not have them all taken yet. Tomorrow night I should have them all posted.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I admit it, I play with dolls.

I am not too proud to admit, I am an adult that plays with fashion dolls. We all are, if you think about it. We pick the right dress for the pictures, and build the perfect room with all the right furniture. We stage every scene to tell a story. I have thought about that alot tonight (I know you are all wondering why this is my blog post for tonight. I talked to my friend and owner of Sweet Pickin's tonight. She told me a lady came in to the shop and was looking at my furniture. She looked for a long time and then told my friend she did not have a Barbie as a child. She didn't even have a doll. Her family was poor and she just never had things like that and my furniture made her want to go out and buy a Barbie. Had I been there, I would have probably given her a doll. That really tugged at my heart strings. I guess I take so many things for granted...I assumed every little girl growing up had a Barbie. Lets just all hope kids today have that very special toy that will be remembered for years to come...whether its a Barbie, an Elmo,a roaring dinosaur or a talking Woodie and Buzz Lightyear. It's not about the toy, it is about the chance to be a kid. Have a great week. Yay, I finished my 'Beach House". Pictures tomorrow. Night all.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Controlled Chaos

Chaos, controlled chaos best describes the past few months. I have really enjoyed keeping up with my blog buddies, following their blogs, and have only now decided I need to share my news. I am opening a booth space in "Sweet Pickin's". It is a new antique and crafters mall and the back wall is mine. I am certain my neighbors have wanted to put a For Sale sign in my yard when I am away at my 8-5 job, because as soon as I am back at my house the table saw, chop saw or sander is running wide open. Today was the first day open for business. I am really excited. Keep in mind, Henderson, Texas is probably not a hot bed of Barbie activity but with the Etsy, FeeBay and private sales I am staying busy. I started a repaint some time ago. Poor little thing...still in the back room with solid white eyes and no lips. I was so inspired by "SmidgeHouse's" post regarding the joint reconfiguration surgery on her Liv doll, I decided I would try the whole repaint, from scratch, NOT an overpaint...a repaint. One eye was beautiful and then the dreaded 2nd eye. It never looked like the first eye. So (you guessed it) I started over, and over and over. Geeze, what ever was I thinking. I am not giving up though. Oh yeah, I just bought my first FR doll. While she was still pricey, I got a pretty good buy on her because her boobs were a little darker than the rest of her body. Really, who cares. Well, maybe some of you care but I did not. Her red lips were a little extreme so I lightened them ever so slightly. She also needs a little trim but I haven't had the time for that yet. My sweet hubby has been so much help. Before Christmas we built a small Barbie house for a 4 year old. I glued most of the accessories and furniture so it would not be a hazzard. We also built a Batman house...yes a Batman house and it was awesome. We are now in the completion phase of a 2 story beach house with a balcony and open concept first floor. Hopefully it will be completed before Sweet Pickin's opens Monday morning. I love my life...Eveyone have a great weekend. I will be taking down my last remaining Christmas tree. LOL The pics are of the upper bedroom in the beach cottage.