The beginning..

The beginning..
All dressed up and no where to go.

Welcome to my world of little furniture designs.

A journey into the OOAK designs for the 1-6 scale fashion diva and collectors. I have always been a crafter and I have used my knowledge of power tools and paint to create eclectic furniture and dioramas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Light comparison.

My adventure in twilight photography did not compare well to the photos taken in natural light. Everything I have read, suggest taking pictures in natural light...I should have listened. Guess I thought I could re-invent the wheel. Like I knew something the "real" photograpers didn't know. I have always loved the serene elegance in a white on white color scheme. It isn't a white out because of the various shades I used and then picked up accents of gold, silver and soft pink. Lets talk about pink. NOT a color I am drawn to. It is a beautiful color, just not my color so when I purchase a pink plastic Barbie item, the first order of business is to paint it. Plastic spray paint can turn a yellowing old pink chair into a real shabby chic find.
See, not bad. I have one more and also the table with the silver "mirror" stuck to the top of it with something that could hold a fighter jet together. Everyone have a peaceful night and a great Tuesday.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

White Christmas

My last photos are shot in low light. A new experiment. I changed my room walls and added a picture window with a snowy view. It was perfect for my "White Christmas" pictures. We rarely have snow on Christmas so this will be my white Christmas. I will take more pics in natural light and post those later in the week. I have met some extrodinary people, blog to blog, and feel like I am not contributing to the conversation until I can post my thoughts and responses. When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I would walk into the woods behind my grandparents house and gather pinecones, sweetgum ball, and China berriers. China Berriers were such a mess to clean, but once the skins were removed, grandma would boil them and lay them on newpaper to dry. We then strung them on fishing line and sprayed them our chosen color of that particular Christmas. We cut pine boughs, holly, and cedar. The pine cones and sweetgum balls were always painted gold and dipped in glitter. My 2 brothers helped us wrap and string the garland together. It was a family event and we all did our part. She loved Christmas and she passed that on to me. Christmas was always about family and good food, friends and games. I try to continue that tradition but life is so hectic now compared to then sometimes I forget how important traditions are. I have sold several item this week and am also building and furnishing a two story Barbie house for a little girls Christmas. When you really think about it, all of us that sell our items for Christmas are taking part in a childs Christmas memories. I kind of like that. Boy, I have been around the world and back in this post. Its been that kind of week (My REAL job is very hectic right enrollment-need I say more. Everyone have a great Monday. Catch you later in blogsphere.