The beginning..

The beginning..
All dressed up and no where to go.

Welcome to my world of little furniture designs.

A journey into the OOAK designs for the 1-6 scale fashion diva and collectors. I have always been a crafter and I have used my knowledge of power tools and paint to create eclectic furniture and dioramas.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween in 6th scale

Happy halloween! My husband and I have dressed up to hand out candy to trick or treaters for years. Halloween parties are always our favorites. I can just smell the bonfire smoke and hear the crackle of the fire when the kids were roasting hot dogs. hay rides through the woods, Witches grave, I know you had one also. I have been going to witches grave since I was 15 years old. I think my favorite Halloween was the year I dressed in a three piece suit, white shoes, a felt hat, fake mustache and nose. (What a man and boy did I have a hot date with me for the dance) Mike dressed as a woman, blue taffeta drop waist dress, I borrowed from my mom, Pantyhose, flats, wig, and lots of bling. Oh, did I tell you Mike has a beard and mustache. He won first prize and danced with every woman and man there. We had the very best time. I will have to find my pics and post one. We were a striking couple. LOL Before the night was over he had taken his pantyhose off and they were hanging around his neck like a winter scarf. So many good memories. I am very lucky to have married my best friend. He always makes me laugh. Enjoy my Halloween pics. My "real job" is getting quiet stressful, end of month payroll and reports. May not be able to post for a few days. Everyone on the East coast be safe. You are in my prayers.


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your furniture and your photos. You always think about stays very real. I love watching the little girls playing in the living room rug. I also like your pumpkins. I read that you have too work in your real life... I'll wait for your return ... You are very talented. Keep in touch

  2. I love my "real" job even with the stress but I always seem to make time to craft. Very therapeutic for me.

  3. What fabulous photos! You are so clever. I hope it was a much fun for you to put the dios together as it was for us to look at them.

    1. I have had the very best time with my Halloween photos. So glad you enjoyed them.